02/04/2020  (COM News articles) Tall Fescue PLUS - more than the sum of its parts    

Fast germination, great seedling vigor and high feeding quality - these are just some of the characteristics of our Tall Fescue PLUS grasses give to farmers.
25/03/2020  (COM News articles) Green Gold In Grass Proteins    

Each year EU imports more than 11 megaton soy protein from US and South America, worth $3.8 billion USD for its pig- and poultry production. Can this be changed to a greener, local and yet just as economical home production?
15/03/2020  (COM News articles) Grass Summit 2020 on climate solutions    

How do we solve climate challenges in forage- and turf production? One way to start is bringing the experts together.
13/03/2020  (COM News articles) Corona virus: Actions at DLF    

Our main priorities are business continuity and the health and safety of employees. Updated 20 March 2020
09/03/2020  (COM News articles) Get better field value with Ryegrass PLUS    

Farmers across Europe are using Ryegrass PLUS and the benefits are clear. Increased profitability by becoming more self-sufficient with increased and more stable yields.
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