Festuca arundinacea

Tall fescue

Strong dark green sport and turf variety

Top quality color

The variety Bullseye has a very nice dark color combied with a very good fineness of leaves. Makes it a perfect variety for a fine and green lawns. 

Good health, strong red threat tolerance

Bullseye has and excellent Red Thread rolerance, and wil remain looking nice and green. Even during winter, the turf remains healthy and not very prone to disease attacks such as Fusarium.

Verified by RadiMax

Severe spring and summer drought is faced more often than even by Professional turf managers. Together with Copenhagen University DLF is testing the root architecture and drought tolerance in the advanced screening facility RadiMax. 
BULLSEYE is Verified by RadiMax.

  • Very good disease tolerance
  • Dark colored variety
  • Good variety for sport
  • Excellent Sustainability


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Salt tolerance
Wear tolerance
Red thread tolerance


Source: GEVES 2020 (France)
Y-axis: Scale 1-9, 9 = best/darker
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