Festuca rubra rubra

Strong creeping red fescue

Nothing Mystic About the Quality

High Shoot Density
Strong creeping red fescue has normally not the highest shoot density, but Mystic is breaking this rule as it has got a density far above what was used to be known for this type of red fescue.

The Very Best Disease Resistance
Often a variety has got one strong point in disease resistance, but Mystic has got several! In the official trials in France, Mystic has scored high resistance not only in both rust - and helminthosporium resistance, but also against fusarium.

Result = Topscoring in rating for general impression on the French list!

  • High persistency
  • Very high shoot density
  • High resistance to rust
  • High resistance to fusarium


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Salt tolerance
Red thread tolerance
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