Festuca rubra rubra

Strong creeping red fescue

Strong self-repair capacity

First choice for use in lawns

KOLOSSOS has good ratings for use in lawns and in extensive areas in the German RSM list.

With a medium green colour and good shoot density, it will fit in a wide range of mixtures.

The leaves are fine as red fescues in general, much finer than other turf grass species.

Very modest need of nutrients

The need of nutrients is generally low in red fescues compared to other species. This results in a lower budget for fertilisers and a lower impact on the environment.

Lower input of nitrogen in particular can lead to higher pressure of disease like red thread.

KOLOSSOS shows increased resistance to red thread and Fusarium patch disease.

Strong creeping red fescue is one of the most aggressive (abundant and long rhizomes) rhizomatous species, offering rapid and extensive spreading to fill gaps (self-repair).

  • Homogene appearance
  • High shoot density
  • Good for lawn use
  • High disease tolerance


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Salt tolerance
Red thread tolerance

Ranking for uses

Source: FLL (Germany)
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