Festuca rubra rubra

Strong creeping red fescue

Fast establishing with excellent density

Easy establishment
Red Fescue in mixtures is often suffering from a slower establishment rate than perennial ryegrass. HEIDRUN performs better and will also perform better in repair/overseeding mixtures.

Improved wear tolerance
Strong creeping red fescue has average wear tolerance, but through breeding improved performance is observed with HEIDRUN. Appreciated on playgrounds!

Very high shoot density
Red fescue is fine and dense - nevertheless we added a little more density. Few chances for any weed to find room...

Higher salt tolerace
In our salt tolerance trials HEIDRUN has shown performance above the average for the species.

  • Very fast establishment!
  • Improved traffic tolerance
  • Very high shoot density
  • Above average salt tolerance


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Salt tolerance
Red thread tolerance

Performance index for uses

Source: Bulletin Gazon 2011 - GEVES - France


Source: Bulletin Gazon 2011 - GEVES - France
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