Festuca rubra rubra

Strong creeping red fescue

Top performance in France, UK and the Netherlands!

Convincing results from France

In the official French results, Hastings tops the list for both the Sport and the Lawn index. This is also showing in the winter and summer aspects, ensuring a year round high performance.

Top of the restrictive Dutch "Grasgids" list

With top scores for density and persistency, Hastings also performs in Dutch trials. As in France the performance in the summer during drought is also confirmed.

Imperial in the STRI Lawn table

With excellent scores for density and visual merit, Hastings also reaches the top of the list in the UK.

Recommended uses

Hastings will do fine in all situations where strong creeping red fescue is used, and in particular in high demanding prestige ornamental lawns and where wear tolerance is important (fairways, playgrounds...).


  • Top performing for Lawn and Sport
  • Very high shoot density & fineness of leaf
  • Good tolerance to fusarium patch (Microdochium)
  • Maintains visual merit during summer & winter


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Salt tolerance
Red thread tolerance

Top performance in STRI

STRI 2016 Turfgrass book

Cultivar Density Visual merit
Hastings 5,9 6,1
Average catalogue 5,1 5,1

Top of the Dutch list

Grasgids 2016 (NL)

Variety Persistency Density Fusarium patch Red thread Summer aspect
Average all varieties 7,4 7,0 7,7 6,4 6,5
Hastings 7,8 7,4 7,7 6,6 6,8

Performance in French trials

Source : GEVES 2015 (France).
Scale 1-9, 9 = best
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