Poa pratensis

Kentucky bluegrass

Very slow growing disease resistant beautiful lawngrass

Slow regrowth
Yvette has a very slow regrowth enabling a nice appearance for longer time and reduced maintenance.

Very good resistance to red thread disease
Yvette show very good tolerance to red thread disease. Red thread is particularly present when nitrogen supply is low.

Fine leaves and good summer appearance
Yvette is amongst the most fine leaved Poa pratensis varieties and can advantageously be part of most mixtures for prestigious lawns. Yvette has better summer appearance than most other Poa pratensis.

  • Slow regrowth
  • Fine leaves
  • Red thread tolerance
  • Medium green colour


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Rust tolerance
Salt tolerance
Wear tolerance
Low temp.
Red thread tolerance

Compared to 13 varieties of the French catalogue

Source: GEVES Bulletin Gazon 2007 (France)

Regrowth and disease resistance

Source: STRI Turfgrass Seed 2007
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