Poa pratensis

Kentucky bluegrass

One of a kind - top sports turf variety

The highest wear tolerance
All parameters for measuring wear tolerance raises SOMBRERO to the top: Live ground cover, visual merit after wear treatment, recovery, shoot density… First choice for all mixtures for sports and play, whether football, rugby, golf tees and fairways, public playgrounds…

Extended uses
The fineness of leaves and high density allows the use of SOMBRERO for a wide range of purposes including home lawns. One very strong and appreciated feature is the self-repairing capacity due to the extension via rhizomes. Rhizomes are below ground stems spreading horizontally and giving birth to new shoots.

Medium to dark green colour
SOMBRERO is darker than most other Smooth Stalked Meadow Grasses. Perennial Ryegrass is the preferred mixing partner for cooler regions whereas Tall Fescue is the best choice for hot and dry regions.

  • Number 1 for wear tolerance in the UK
  • Very fine leaves and extreme density
  • Medium dark green colour
  • Self-repair via rhizomatous growth


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Rust tolerance
Salt tolerance
Wear tolerance
Low temp.
Red thread tolerance

Index for use. Scale 1-9, 9=best

Source: RSM 2012 (D)

Performance according to uses. 1-9, 9=best

Source: STRI-Bingley 2012 (UK) table S2 (Sport)


Index for use. Scale 1-9, 9=best

Source: RSM 2012 (D)
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