Poa pratensis

Kentucky bluegrass

A fine leaved mixing partner that brings a healthy genetic boost.

An improved green winter appearance and a lawn texture appealing to ornamental lawn fans all over temperate Europe and Mediterranean region.

Smooth stalk meadow grass BORSALA brings natural wear and traffic tolerance to the ornamental lawn.

BORSALA is tested for its wear tolerance and lawn quality across Europe. It is found to be a very versatile variety that fits many regions for many recreative, lawn and landscape solutions.   


  • Very good disease resistance
  • Good winter colour
  • Fine leaved smooth-stalk type


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Rust tolerance
Salt tolerance
Wear tolerance
Red thread tolerance

Improved turf quality

Source: Turfgrass Seed 2020, British Society of Plant Breeders
Relative quality score 1-9
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