Festuca trichophylla

Slender creeping red fescue

High visual merit confirmed on three recommended lists - merited!

Wide confirmation of performance
BEUDIN is one of those varieties performing well wherever they are planted.  The French national list and the recommended lists in The Netherlands (Grasgids) and in the UK (STRI) all recognizes the high performance of BEUDIN.

Aestheticism no compromise
What strikes at first view is the very pleasant visual merit.  Number One for visual merit in the STRI lawn trial - with high density, fine leaves, close-cutting compatible - everything adds up to a superb prestige lawn ingredient.

Summer visual merit
Genetics little by little improves the weak sides of each species.  For an ornamental species like slender creeping red fescue, it is important to maintain the visual merit even in the summer.  Saving water and maintaining the visual merit are some of the benefits of BEUDIN.

  • High visual merit
  • Superior summer appearance
  • Density confirmed in three countries
  • First choice for parks and prestige lawns


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Close mowing
Salt tolerance
Red thread tolerance


Sources: Grasgids 2013 (NL) Bulletin Gazon 2013 (France)

Density and visualt merit

Source: STRI Turfgrass 2013 table L4
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