Festuca trichophylla

Slender creeping red fescue

The summit of visual merit

Suited for all main uses

Whether it is for playgrounds, sport or ornamental purposes, the quality of Albertine moves it to the 1st place. It is the proof of homogeneous performance over the year, and that the visual merit is at a very high level.

Red thread disease will not harm the visual merit

Red thread is a dreadful disease, with more frequent and stronger attacks with lower nitrogen fertilisation. The very high resistance level of Albertine makes it possible to cope with frequent attacks of the disease.

Wear tolerance

Winter and summer, Albertine shows excellent wear tolerance. This encourages the use of Albertine in mixtures for sport surfaces and playgrounds.


  • Wear tolerance +++
  • N°1 for Lawn N°1 for Sport & N°1 for Ornamental use!
  • Excellent summer visual merit
  • Very good red thread tolerance


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Close mowing
Salt tolerance
Red thread tolerance


Source: GEVES 2014 (France)

Index of use, visual merit

Source: GEVES 2014 (France)
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