Poa trivialis

Rough stalked meadow grass

The winter hardy, shade and water tolerant favorite

BOGANIS is the latest generation of improved Poa trivialis.

It has greatly improved shoot density, leaf texture and color, as well as resistance to leaf spot diseases. It performs better under cold, wet conditions than the previous improved Poa trivialis varieties did. BOGANIS is specifically bred for overseeding and it out-performs other overseeding products with quick establishment, cover, and frost tolerance. Its erect growth habit, fine leaf texture and tolerance of close mowing makes it ideally suited for overseeding golf courses.

It can also be used in mixtures for shady areas as Poa trivialis is one of the most shade tolerant species available.



BOGANIS was developed for elite, rapid to establish, easy transitioning winter overseeding turfgrass mixtures.

It's also recommended in mixes designed for cool season, shade tolerant, mild climatic zones. In winter overseeding benefits include: rapid transition and low temperature tolerance at establishment, also in wet environment.

  • Quick establishment
  • Very fine texture
  • Good cold tolerance
  • Close mow variety


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Close mowing
Salt tolerance
Winter hardiness
Shade tolerance
Red thread tolerance
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