Festuca commutata

Chewings fescue

Balanced density for eased management

Reduced maintenance frequency

The good balance between density and performance makes CARBERRY very easy to manage and allows saving costs on input and working hours.  All this is a big plus for sustainability too!  

Disease pressure and control

With fewer operations in the lawn the diseases spread less easily.

Combined with the genetic disease tolerance the overall need for fungicides is reduced and as a consequence lowering costs and environmental impact.

Close mowing adaptation

CARBERRY obtains good scores for use on close mown areas (golf greens....), making it an alround choice.

All in all, CARBERRY is moderately drought-tolerant, and convinces you under low maintenance conditions. These facts nominate CARBERRY as an excellent partner for mixtures in the respect of half-shade or low input.

  • Eased management with balanced density
  • Good disease tolerance = less input/impact
  • Above average salt tolerance
  • Adapted to close mowing too = versatile


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Close mowing
Salt tolerance
Red thread tolerance

Lawn performance Germany

Source: BSA web May 2021 - Gebrauchsrasen table
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