Festuca commutata

Chewings fescue

Disease tolerant chewings maintaining colour during both winter and summer

High tolerance to most important diseases

BALKAN combines very high tolerance to both red thread disease and winter Fusarium, making it suitable for reduced or no application of fungicides.

High visual merit during winter and summer

Helped by the good disease tolerance the visual merit is at a high level during the most stressful periods: Summer and winter.

Salt tolerant

BALKAN has proven above average salt tolerance in our recurrent salt tolerance tests. An advantage for use in saline conditions whether the salt is native or via the irrigation water (recycled...).

  • Very high red thread tolerance with low need for N fertilisation
  • High tolerance to winter Fusarium
  • Maintains very good colour during summer
  • Visual merit very high during winter
  • Above average salt tolerance


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Close mowing
Salt tolerance
Red thread tolerance
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