Medicago sativa


High dry matter yield with increased protein content

Listed in several countries

Symphonie is on listed in France, known to put emphasis on lodging tolerance and protein content. But also in Austria, Poland and Slovakia which is a good indicator for excellent winter hardiness.

Combined high dry matter and protein yield

The total annual dry matter yield of Symphonie equals the well-known productive variety Europe, but with a protein content of 103% of Europe, the total protein yield per ha is in favour of Symphonie.

Better quality

The better feeding quality of Symphonie is linked to the protein content, but also to the thinner stems and more leafy forage.

  • High forage production of good quality
  • Excellent resistance to nematodes and verticillium
  • Good resistance to lodging
  • High % protein in the dry matter
  • Dormancy group 4


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Winter hardiness
Protein content
Dormancy group
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