Lolium perenne

Perennial ryegrass

Large spring window with top yield

Early spring start and intermediate heading
The spring window is so large (57 days) that DIWAN seriously competes with semi-late heading varieties. The aftermath heading is very reduced, qualifying DIWAN for grazing purposes.

Excellent disease resistance
DIWAN proved significantly better rust resistance than the tree standards. But also better resistance to:

  • Leaf spot
  • Viruses
  • Various diseases
Dry matter yield
Right from the 1st cut DIWAN shows better dry matter yield than the standards, with a total of +6% for the three-year trial period.
  • Top yielding through the season
  • Very large spring window
  • Excellent rust resistance
  • Very high 1st cut


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Ground cover
Rust tolerance
Salt tolerance
Winter hardiness
Spring growth

Disease resistance

Source: GEVES plaquette fourragères 2011 (France)

DM yield. % of average of 3 standards

Source: GEVES plaquette fourragères 2011 (France)
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