J Tee


Johnsons Sports Seed J Tee is the ideal mixture for professional golf

'J Tee' combines hard wearing varieties with exceptional health and turf quality well adapted to high traffic use.

4turf® brings not only the deep green summer colour but also an early green up in the season. 4turf varieties are known for superior disease tolerance ensuring a general health quality of the established turf.

Strong creeping red fescue adds the strong knitting and the very fine leaved bring a visual ornamental quality to J Tee.

A unique shade tolerance is added to this mixture from RSMG, for extended use of this mixture to permanant or parcial shaded areas.


Hard wearing mixture even for shaded golf tees & pathways.


Johnsons Sports Seed is the ideal mixture for play and sports activity.

Turf managers maintaining the full range of sports areas, will appreciate the extensive work carried out by our breeding team to produce turf varieties offering high ratings for wear tolerance, sward density and tolerance.




Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Hard Wearing

Contains - 4turf Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass for

  • Stronger establishment
  • Exceptional disease resistance and winter hardiness
  • Reduced input costs
  • Improved turf colour

Johnsons Sports J Tee

Hard wearing, shaded golf and tee & pathways

Mixture Composition  
4turf® Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass (20% variety I + 20% variety II) 40 %
Perennial ryegrass 20 %
Strong creeping red fescue 35%
Rough-stalked meadow-grass 5 %
Sowing Rate: 35-50g/m2
Oversowing: 15-25g/m2
Mowing Height: Down to 10mm