Sinapis alba

The green manure master

An effective green manure crop

VALIANT develops very fast after seeding. Consequently VALIANT is highly capable of taking up nitrogen from the former crop, thus preventing nitrate leaching from the soil. This retained nitrogen is available for the successive crop and the need for bagged nitrogen fertiliser is reduced. At the same time, VALIANT adds organic material to the soil, improving the soil structure and humus content with a better water holding capacity as result.

Excellent for biofumigation

When VALIANT is in early flower stage, the crop can be chopped down and worked into the top soil. The chopped up crop will release glucosinolates which act as a biofumigant to kill nematodes, insects and even weed seeds. Best method is to chop, work into moist soil and pack all in one pass over the field. When properly managed, this will have the same effect on nematodes as a chemical fumigation, at a fraction of the cost.


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Speed of establishment
Green mass production
Root depth
Nitrogen uptake
Frost susceptibility
Resistance, beet cyst nematodes
  • Very quick establishment
  • Fast development of full grown plants
  • High uptake of nitrogen
  • Improving soil structure and humus content