Avena strigosa

For more healthy soil

The nematode controller

Vitalli is a vatiety of Avena strigosa (also called Black Oats, Japanese Oats or Bristle Oats) - a poor host for the nematode Pratylenchus penetrans, which can attack a very large number of agricultural and horticultural species (carrots, lillies, tulips, strawberries, potatoes etc.) - mainly on lighter soils. The effect of using Black Oats as a catchcrop is similar to black fallow. On average, the breakdown of this nematode after a successful crop of black oats is 50-70%.

Perfect for green manure

When Vitalli is grown as a green manurecrop it proves to be a quick starter and it also has a strong suppression on weeds because the soil is quickly covered. The crop ensures a very high organic matter production for the benefit of soil structure, carbon and humus production. The green material is sensitive to frost.

Vitalli can be sown from spring to autumn with 40-60 kg/ha when sown as covercrop and 60-80 kg/ha when sown as crop especially against nematodes.


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Speed of establishment
Green mass production
Root depth
Nitrogen uptake
Frost susceptibility
Resistance, nematodes
  • Significant effect on nematodes 
  • Very quick starter with very high organic matter production
  • Weed suppressing effect, it  has also a strong allopathic effect
  • Robust root system