Grass for Biogas


Grass mixture for biogas

Varieties and mixtures for biogas production. Festulolium and red clover

Crops for biogas - anaerobic digesters

The (economic) value of an agricultural crop for biogas is determined by the amount of gas produced per hectare, the costs involved in harvest, transport and handling and the degradability of the biomass in the digester.

High yielding species

Tall fescue and festulolium are together with red clover species having a very high yield potential and they can in many places compete with maize.

Grass: Good for biogas, rotation and environment

Grass and clovergrass fits very well in an anerobic digester together with slurry where it improves the yield of gas.
Grass is a perennial crop with a good environmental profile, grass brings health to the crop rotation and long time benefits to soil fertility.


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

High yield of drymatter and gas
Rotational advantage
  • 100 % Festulolum HYKOR or Tall Fescue KORA
  • 80 % Festulolium HYKOR + 20 % Red Clover
  • 100 % Festuloium ACHILLES
  • 80 % Festulolium ACHILLES + 20 % Red Clover