Agrostis capillaris

Browntop bent

Lighter green variety. Aggressive to compete with Poa annua.

Keep Poa annua down and out

TEETOP grows aggressively and this will contribute to limit development of Poa annua and establishment of new Poa annua plants. It means longer life and lower repair costs.

Attractive colour and winter hardy

The lighter green colour makes TEETOP a preferred variety for contrasting greens or mixtures with red fescues of lighter green colour.

TEETOP also maintains a good winter colour and has shown good winter hardiness.

Suitable for green mixtures

Whether for blends with other Agrostis varieties or in mixtures with chewing's and/or slender creeping red fescue, TEETOP will bring its share of resiliance and complementarity.


  • Lighter green attractive colour
  • Maintains good winter colour
  • Aggressive growth to limit development of Poa annua
  • Good winter hardiness


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Winter hardiness
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