Turfline Turbo - The fast repair and greening-up

Lawn grass with fast establishment - now even faster with Accelerator 

Turbo contains the unique turf annual ryegrass which is the fastest germinating grass. The Accelerator treatment encourages seeds to germinate faster. As a result the seeds need 1/3 less water during their first phases of establishment. At the same time Quick Action© ensures the very best establishment and growth and performs well even at low temperatures in early spring or late autumn.

Fast establishment means fewer weeds and a job well done!

The speed at which your lawn establishes itself is very important. Fast establishment helps prevent weeds from establishing. Turfline© Turbo will create a dense sward fast which gives less space and opportunity for weeds in the crucial phase of establishment. Secondly, it gives the resulting feeling of a job well done.
The turf annual ryegrass in the Turfline© Turbo mixture is ultimately the fastest germinating and establishing grass anyone can find. It delivers fast greening-up and it nurses the other grasses whilst they establish, helping to ensure the desired nice, dense and weed-free lawn. The Quick Action© ryegrass is also able to germinate and establish at low temperatures which makes it possible to over seed and repair the lawn early in spring and also later in the autumn, thus extending the opportunity to create a nice lawn compared to normal procedures.

In the mixture you find also red fescue and smooth-stalked meadow-grass both lawn grass species spread by underground rhizomes which tie the lawn together and secure a faster repair of damage to the lawn. This makes the lawn particularly tolerant to wear such as ball games and other family activities. 



Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Hard Wearing
Fine Lawn
Low Maintenance
  • Fast establishment and greening-up
  • Germination occurs also at low temperatures
  • Minimal colour differentiation from old lawn
  • Good wear tolerance
  • Less water in the first phases of establishment