High wear tolerance, fast recovery after damage.

Hard-wearing lawn grass

Sport is hard-wearing and contains Quick Action© that provides quick establishment. It has dense and compact growth and has strong recovery after damage. For hot & dry composition, drought tolerant grass is included.

Improved playability under stress conditions with Quick Action©

The Turfline Sport mixture has been upgraded with use of the unique Quick Action© perennial ryegrass. This very strong perennial ryegrass type is only available from DLF. Quick Action© has a much improved tolerance to diseases and also towards drought. Especially towards the autumn and winter seasons the disease tolerance against Fusarium is much improved. This, together with a fast establishment and improved growth under lower temperatures, makes the quality of the grass cover better for sports activities in late autumn and early spring. The tolerance towards the disease, Red thread, is also improved.

The improved drought tolerance due to the deeper rooting of Quick Action© perennial ryegrass makes this a unique partner in the mixture for hot and dry regions when combined with Tall fescue - the most drought tolerant species among cool-season grasses.

The recovery of damage in the sward is fast due to the Smooth-stalked meadow-grass which forms underground rhizomes that tie the turf together and maximize the chance of a fast repair. 

Hard Wearing
Fine Lawn
Low Maintenance
  • Good wear tolerance
  • Fast establishment
  • High stress tolerance towards diseases and drought
  • Dense and compact growth