Trifolium repens

White clover for turf

Greener than green!!

Attractive Dark Green Colour Throughout The Season
Microclover® ensures that the companion grasses are well nourished with nitrogen which makes for improved visual appearance. The Microclover® itself has an attracive darker green colour that gives the lawn a superb dark green colour throughout the season. The recommended share of seed mixtures with Microclover® is 5% by weight.

Better Performance During Dry Periods
Adding of Microclover® in the grass mixtures has the advantage that the soil is shaded a little more and humidity is retained better in the dry periods. The deep dark green colour also extends the overall lush appearance of grass through dry spells.

Low Disease Incidence
The constant adequate feeding of the grasses with nitrogen from Microclover® ensures an attracive and more homogeneous growth of the grasses. This keeps the grasses healthy and provides better tolerance to wear and stress.



Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Hard Wearing
Low Maintenance
  • Reduces the need for nitrogen fertiliser
  • All through the growing season the lawn remains green
  • Reduced disease pressure
  • Homogeneous dense cover of the ground

Leafsize: Very small