Accelerator gives you more output with less input

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Accelerator is a seed coating that gives you a new lawn faster. Accelerator grass seeds mean you don’t have to wait to see results. We have added a surfactant and biostimulants (seaweed extract, nicronutrients and root developers) to the seeds, which allows for a faster establishment of the lawn and a better utilization of water.

38% more grass in 7 days

The Accelerator treatment increases germination speed giving up to 38% more grass in the first 7 days after sowing and a faster establishment of your new lawn. It achieves this by accelerating the absorption of water and nutrients into the seed enabling it to grow and develop more quickly. But don’t worry, after establishment the growth will be as normal for lawn grass, so no need for extra moving of the lawn. The coating is safe for children and pets, just sow the seed and add water to enjoy a beautiful and resilient lawn. 

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Efficient water uptake

Our tests showed that using grass seeds coated with Accelerator, reduces the water volume needed for your lawn during seed germination The accelerator treatment breaks the surface of the water enabling the water to penetrate the waxy surface of the seed faster. Meaning that the seed is activated for growth

Why choose Accelerator

  • Fast establishment
  • More efficient use of water
  • Stronger lawn