Trifolium repens

White clover

Yield and persistency

A clover built for large production
Milagro is a large leaved variety of white clover, selected for its erect growth and ability to fit well together with tall growing grasses in mixtures.

Fine forage quality
Milagro has a good and early spring growth, a good tolerance to Sclerotinia and a low content of cyanide (HCN) - a benefit for the forage quality.

Yield is at top
Milagro has proven the ability to produce high amounts of forage under cutting for simulated grazing as well as for silage.

Milagro has high persistency and is recommended for mixtures used for cutting or combined management.

  • Very high yield of forage
  • Large leaves
  • Good tolerance to Sclerotinia
  • High persistency


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Salt tolerance
Grazing tolerance
Leaf size
HCN content

High yield under various managements

Source: Trials in Denmark 2004-2006. Agricultural Advisory Service
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