Trifolium repens

White clover

Yield and Quality

Variety Type
Klondike is medium to large leaved with an erect growth habit. This makes KLONDIKE able to compete well with taller growing grasses in mixtures.

Early Production
White clover is often a bit slow in spring growth, but KLONDIKE has proven to be faster than most other varieties. This is also one of the big advantages in keeping up competition with early starting grasses.

Fast Regrowth With an Even Summer Production
White clover is levelling out the production during the summer months in mixture with grasses. KLONDIKE is having a fast, to very fast, regrowth and is as such the perfect partner in grass/clover mixtures.

Very Winterhardy
The recommendation in Germany and Austria, as well as in a number of Central and Eastern European countries, proves that KLONDIKE is a very winterhardy variety.

High Resistance Against Sclerotinia
All Danish varieties are selected for very high resistance against Sclerotinia, and so is KLONDIKE.

  • Very high yields
  • Very competitive to grasses
  • High protein content
  • High production during summer


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Salt tolerance
Grazing tolerance
Leaf size
HCN content
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