Trifolium repens

White clover

King of the Clovers


CHIEFTAIN deserves to be worshipped for outstanding performance particularly under cutting management. In DARD trials, CHIEFTAIN was assessed for production and output when grown with a companion grass.

CHIEFTAIN achieved a higher output in summer and autumn than even the large leaved clovers in the trial to give a total yield of 106% of controls with 37% clover content in the sward. This indicates a massive yield potential for a medium leaved clover and will turn every silage field into a happy hunting ground.

...and on the Prairie

CHIEFTAIN shows good persistency under both high and low nitrogen regimes either under light or hard defoliation.

Performance in summer and autumn is particularly good, proving that CHIEFTAIN is the main candidate for use in dual purpose ley mixtures.

  • Very high clover yield potential
  • Massive contribution to silage yield
  • High clover content in the sward
  • Significant increase in total output


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Salt tolerance
Grazing tolerance
Leaf size
HCN content

Chieftain performance

Source: DARD UK trials
Variety Chieftain Abervantage Menna Aberherald *Chieftain's benefit
Clover yield potential 146 108 108 104 +36%
Annual Output % 106 103 103 101 +3%
Spring silage yield % 198 110 91 91 +88%
Summer silage yield % 138 103 102 101 +35%
Autumn silage yield % 155 124 121 117 +31%
Average clover content % 37 28 28 28 +9%
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