Lolium westerwoldicum

Westerwold/annual ryegrass

Lodging resistance ensures quality hay or silage

Conservation facilitated
TOPSPEED is a diploid variety, and thus easy to pre-dry in the field and conserve as hay or silage. It ads to the security of the forage production.

Excellent lodging tolerance
TOPSPEED is one of the most lodging tolerant annual ryegrasses. By standing up, there is less risk of soil contamination, and the crop is easier to cut and dry. Of course it also reduces the disease pressure.

High dry matter yield
TOPSPEEED produces high yield right from the first cut, and with a higher than average peristency, allows several cuts.

  • Excellent standability (lodging tolerance)
  • Possibility for several cuts
  • High dry matter yields
  • Easy conservation as hay or silage


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Rust tolerance
Spring growth
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