Lolium westerwoldicum

Westerwold/annual ryegrass

The fastest forage grass available!

Quick Facts

SURREY NOVA is a moderately early heading, diploid (2n), annual grass with aggressive, rapid establishment and outstanding winter activity.

In our trial in Zivotice (CZ) the heading date was June 9 compared to two tetraploid standards heading June 15 and June 20 respectively. SURREY NOVA is a broad leaved, erect growing cultivar with improved crown rust resistance.

SURREY NOVA tolerates moderately acidic soils and remains productive under poorly drained soil conditions. SURREY NOVA exhibits improved cold tolerance and is classified as a genetic mixture of Italian and Westerwold types.

SURREY NOVA is ideal for winter overseeding/slot seeding into dormant or existing pasture. It is an excellent nurse crop when establishing lucerne/alfalfa or small seeded legume stands (using 1/3 legume and 2/3 Surrey Nova in the seed mix, total 15-20 kg/ha).

  • Quick establishment
  • Fast production
  • High yields
  • Good quality


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Rust tolerance
Salt tolerance
Spring growth

DM yield of 1st cut vs. all varieties in the trial

Source: DLF breeding station at Zivotice (CZ)
  1st cut DM yield t/ha
Average 18 varieties 4,8
Surrey Nova 5,5
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