Lolium westerwoldicum

Westerwold/annual ryegrass

Diploid very early variety with high dry matter production

Very early heading
GRAZER NOVA heads very fast after sowing. With the score of 1 for heading on the scale from 1-9 in Germany (BSA) it is amongst the earliest available. 

Very productive variety
Right from the 1st cut, the yield is +35% compared to standards. Good lodging tolerance Despite the early heading the lodging resistance is good when the cut is taken at the optimal stage.

Easy conservation
As a diploid the dry matter content is about 2% higher than for tetraploids. This allows faster drying in the field and easier conservation as hay or silage without compromising forage quality.

  • Early = fast access to forage
  • High total drymatter yield in particular the 1st cut
  • Good lodging tolerance
  • Easy silage


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Rust tolerance
Spring growth

Score for dry matter yield of 1st cut

Source: BSA (Germany).  1-9, 9=high yield

  Score for yield
Average all 2n 6,2
Grazer Nova 7

Rust susceptibility

Source: BSA (Germany). 1-9, 9=susceptible

  Rust susceptibility
Average all 2n 3,8
Grazer Nova 3


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