Phleum pratense


Maintain Animal Output at the Highest Level!

Outyielding with Quality and Highly Versatile

With a dry matter yield at the level of the highest performing varieties, WINNETOU outyields all in terms of digestible organic matter. This superb high quality of the forage is maintained through the season. WINNETOU is the most versatile and flexible timothy variety currently on the market.

Few Stems in Aftermath

WINNETOU is a profuse tillering variety and exhibits low aftermath heading and consequently can be grazed with barely any refusal while maintaining a good ground cover.

Dual Purpose

It is evident to advice use of WINNETOU for grazing but why not let the conserved forage profit of the high quality too! With intermediate heading it is suitable for both managements. The performance is excellent whether grown in pure stand or as component in grazing or cutting mixtures.

  • Digestibility far above other recommended varieties
  • Digestibility high in aftermath too
  • High ground cover
  • Premium mixture component


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Grazing tolerance
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