Phleum pratense


High yielding timothy

SUMMERGRAZE pictures a summer's day!

It is the perfect completion to Lolium perenne for colder territories.SUMMERGRAZE is convincing by very high yield, especially at first cut and in cold and humid territories.

SUMMERGRAZE represents a high-yield variety with distinctive mass formation and additionally very high-yield even at further cuts.

As expected, SUMMERGRAZE proves good winter hardiness, less weed growth and according to the BSA test good sward density as well as extreme resistance to fusarium and rust.

All in all it is a top Timothy variety!


  • High yield = cut type
  • Strong winter hardiness
  • Disease resistant
  • Good sward density


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Salt tolerance
Grazing tolerance

Cut type with top yield

Source: BSA (Germany). DM = drymatter yield
VRS = Check varieties

Excellent density

Source: BSA (Germany). 1-9 = best density

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