Phleum pratense


Innovative Hay Type With a Good Density!

Top Yield + Good Quality
COMER has the best combination of yield and quality. By the good summer growth, COMER delivers midsummer/fall yields like for the 1st cut. The yield standard of COMER compares the yield of perennial ryegrass. As a hay type COMER shows a high stem formation in spring. The stem formation in the regrowth is medium.

Best Qualities
COMER shows a high disease resistance to Helmithosporium and bacteriosis.
In the official trials in Germany, COMER was outstanding due to good winterhardiness and persistence.

Strong Yield, with High Dry Matter Production in Summer and Fall
As a productive cut type COMER is as an ideal mixture partner for timothy pasture mixtures. It does not outcompete slow growing grasses and are particularly suitable for seeding in low mountain range situations. At fall seeding COMER has proven to establish fast.

  • Upright growth
  • Resistance to lodging
  • Early to intermediate heading
  • Best quality


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Grazing tolerance
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