Festuca arundinacea

Tall fescue

Super efficient use of water

Highest ranked for drought tolerance
The species tall fescue is known to be very drought and heat tolerant. Within the species there are differences and SEINE is the highest ranking.

Total dry matter yield
The total annual dry matter production is very very high with a nice large first cut in the spring

Rust resistance
SEINE is very restistant to crown rust and is very high ranked with a score of 7.6 on the French list.

  • Highest drought tolerance
  • Highest rust resistance
  • Top yielding
  • For grazing and/or conservation


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Salt tolerance
Winter hardiness

Drought and rust tolerance

Source: Official French Trials - Geves (France)

Relative drymatter yield

Source: Official French Trials - Geves (France)
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