Festuca arundinacea

Tall fescue

Green Precious Grass...

Performance in Spring
EMERAUDE starts growing early in the spring and supports cold periods after growth start.

Heat and Drought Tolerant
The high yields obtained in the spring is followed by a good growth through summer and autumn with much higher potential than ryegrasses due to heat and drought tolerance – a good reason to consider EMERAUDE as a mixture partner.

Resistant to Rust and Palatable
EMERAUDE fights well against the principal threat – crown rust – and remains green preserving yield potential and palatability. EMERAUDE has shown fine palatability in grazing trials.

  • Intermediate heading date
  • Palatable and healthy year-round
  • Highly persistent
  • Fine tolerance to spring frost


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Salt tolerance
Winter hardiness


Source: Off. French Trials - Geves (France)

  Emeraude Barcel
Rust 5,8 4,7
Cold 6,4 5,6
Softness of leaves 6,1 7,1
Palatability 4,7 4,5


Source: Off. French Trials - Geves (France)

  Emeraude Barcel
Spring dry matter yield 103 100
Summer/aut. DM Yield 100 100
Annual Yield DM (rel.) 103 100
Heading (date) 05/05 09/05
Flexibility of use (days) 45 44


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