Poa pratensis

Kentucky bluegrass

Champion of persistency

Really persistent and winter hardy

Chester is a very persistent and winter hardy variety which is immensely important for a permanent pasture.

Also vital for such kind of pastures is the ability to keep a dense sward. That is one of the central reasons to have smooth stalked meadow in a permanent mixture.

Chester proved in official trials that it give almost no room for weed infestation and helps to provide a nice and dense ground cover.

Good yield

Unlike many ryegrass varieties, the yield distribution of smooth stalked meadow grass is more even over a year’s growing season.

Chester has an especially nice, even yield distribution on a very high level.


The winter hardiness is good and Chester has also proved to have good resistance to rust and to other common diseases in smooth stalked meadow grass.

  • With outstanding persistency
  • Strong crop with a very even yield distribution
  • Reliable and fast germination and establishment
  • Variety ideal for mixtures


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Ground cover
Salt tolerance
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