Trifolium pratense

Red clover

Protein booster with early spring start and high annual dry matter yield

Boost the protein in the mixtures

Adding legumes to grass mixtures is an excellent alternative to pure grass mixtures fertilised with external N. The increase in protein in the forage increases self-sufficiency and the nitrogen fixing symbiotic bacteria share the N with both the clover itselt and the companion grasses in the mixture.

Excellent for cutting purposes

The main use is in cutting mixtures but can also be associated with grasses in mixtures with normal defoliation. It has also proven interesting in combination with alfalfa to increase the yield the first year.

SINOPE has a good disease tolerance and is diploid (2n).

  • Early start in spring and medium flowering time
  • High total dry matter production
  • Very suitable for cutting mixtures
  • Contributes with N to companion grass species and higher protein content in the forage


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Winter hardiness
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