Top yield with high feeding value - Ryegrass type of festulolium

The better of two worlds

HOSTYN is a ryegrass type of festulolium - based on a crossing between italian ryegrass and meadow fescue. This results in a combination of high yield and good persistency.

Yield and Quality

The yield of HOSTYN is high with relatively high sugar contents and good digestibility of organic matter.

HOSTYN is ideal for silage as pure crop or - even better - in mixtures with other grasses like perennial ryegrass, tall fescue types of festulolium and red clover. In such mixtures, HOSTYN delivers early spring growth, high forage yield and persistency, combined with very good feeding value.

HOSTYN has shown good resistance to rust, Dreschlera leaf spot and mildew.

  • Top performance in mixtures for cutting
  • Early spring growth, intermediate flowering
  • Good persistency
  • High feeding value


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Ground cover
Rust tolerance
Salt tolerance
Winter hardiness
Spring growth
Grazing tolerance
Adapted for mixtures

Rel. yield NEL20, crop units/ha

Source: National Variety Testing, Denmark 2010-12.

Rel. yield NEL20, MJ/kg drymatter

Source: National Variety Testing, Denmark 2010-12
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