Lolium perenne

Perennial ryegrass

Besser = superior yield and quality!

Besser = superior
Unbeatable yield performance means superior in this character in the Benelux trials for BESSER. If you look at the headlines of this variety, the question arises what else do you need from a Perennial Ryegrass variety?

It has all you need for a high performing top quality to implement in a pasture to feed highly performing animals.

Prime spring growth together with a top yield even improving over the years. Together with the first rate rust resistance you are also ensured that you have high quality feed all year round.

That is still something special!

  • Unbeatable yield performance
  • First rate disease resistance
  • Enormous spring growth
  • Improves over the years


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Ground cover
Rust tolerance
Salt tolerance
Winter hardiness
Spring growth


Source: Rassenlijst 2010
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