Lolium perenne

Perennial ryegrass

Top yields throughout the season

Excellent spring growth
SOLOMON is early heading within the intermediate diploid ryegrass group. On farm, this translates to excellent early spring growth yield and high yield at the first cut stage.

High yield maintained throughout the year
Allied to the high spring production are consistent high yields through the year. This makes SOLOMON well suited to conservation where high yields are paramount. However, do not imagine that SOLOMON is not a grazing variety. The excellent distribution of yield ensures that SOLOMON is an integral element in a ley required to provide grass through peak times.

Good persistence
SOLOMON has proven to have good persistence - still presenting a good ground cover after the third year of use. Disease resistance is good.

  • Large first cut
  • High production throughout the year
  • Very well suited for conservation and grazing
  • High presistence


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Ground cover
Rust tolerance
Salt tolerance
Winter hardiness
Spring growth

High yield under simulated grazing

Ton DM/ha. NIAB, Recommended List Trials. 2009

  Early spring Relative Total Relative
Solomon 1,75 124 10,95 109
1,41 100 10,05 100


Conservation, yield 1st and 3rd year

Ton DM/ha. NIAB, Recommended List Trials. 2009

  1st year Relative 3rd year Relative
Solomon 18,01 107 13,8 107
16,83 100 12,9 100


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