Lolium perenne

Perennial ryegrass

Diploid, very late
Unique diploid, that performs in moorland!

What does high yield security mean to you, even under tough conditions?
DONNER can fulfill this wish for you. As an improved diploid variety, it is extremely robust and even performs outstanding in moorland regions.

Yield security under harsh conditions

In Germany, DONNER has officially proven that it is robust and persistent. High yield security - this is what DONNER offers through its positive moorland suitability, positive winter hardiness and high persistence score.

Robust and healthy

DONNER is the epitome of robustness - not only because of the "M" rating. The DLF internally tested rust tolerance, has been confirmed in official trials. DONNER is thus certified as having an improved rust tolerance in the recommendation list and BSA national list. In addition to rust, DONNER has performed convincingly in the disease traits Fusarium and leaf spot over 3 years trials. This positive difference can be seen in the field as well as in the yield!

Profitable with high yields

For national approval, there must be an significant improvement in yield - DONNER was able to clearly demonstrate this. In the very late maturity group 9, the yield strength of DONNER is especially in the 1st cut. Thus, DONNER provides you with noticeably high DM yields early on! - And the 1st cut in the year is known to be the most important.

  • Proven persistency = long-lasting yields
  • High ground cover
  • Fast feed supply through high 1st cut yield
  • "M" score - suitable on moorland


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced


Performance in Germany

Source: BSA Beschreibende Sortenliste 2020
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