Festuca pratensis

Meadow fescue

...with exceptional high cold tolerance

Exceptional cold tolerance

Vinjar originates from Norwegian breeding material. It has been selected for its cold tolerance for which it has proven its worth in the northern part of Norway. Its high cold tolerance is namely reflected in its constant high persistency with constant high dry matter yield 2 % above average year after year.

Vinjar is a quick establisher and already first cut in the first year of use will yield app. 5% more than comparable varieties, and with its ability to start growth early in season you also get an overall high second cut.

Top ranked variety within forage quality

Not only constant high persistency but also forage quality of the this variety is exceptional. This variety is characterized by a crude protein content of 14,4 %, a digestibility of 88,5 % and a total energy content of 11,1MJ/Kg dry matter. Many numbers to keep track of, but in all in all this makes Vinjar one of the highest ranked meadow fescues for cold climate.

Perfect mixture adaptation with legumes

No risk of adding Vinjar to your mixtures. Vinjar has been tested together with legumes and proves not to compromise the population of clovers but keep a perfect balance between mixtures components.

  • The colder the better
  • Persistency with constant yield 
  • Mixture adaptable


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Winter hardiness
Spring growth
Protein content
Adapted for mixtures
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