Lolium multiflorum

Italian ryegrass

High yielding "leafy" variety with production up to two years

High yields right from the spring cuts
Summer autumn yields are often affected by drought, so it is important to recover as much dry matter as possible from the spring cuts to secure the forage supply.

High yield for 18-24 months
The main reason of growing Italian ryegrass is to obtain very high yields of dry matter, not only in 1-4 cuts, but for 18-24 months. With a score of 7.5 on a 1-9 scale, UDINE confirms excellent persistency.

Quality parameters:
The forage is very healthy due to the excellent resistance to rust and the low aftermath heading.

UDINE confirms the excellent yield capacity in several countries official and recommended lists:
France, UK and Germany.


  • Total high dry matter yield in several official trials
  • Few stems in aftermath heading = leafy!
  • Excellent rust tolerance
  • A true multiflorum = few stems in the sowing year


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Rust tolerance
Salt tolerance
Spring growth

Characteristics of UDINE

Source:  Plaquette Fourrage 2011 (GEVES - France).

  Caballo Tonyl Udine
Stems in regrowth 4,7 4,9 3,6
Persistency 7,2 7,3 7,7
Rés. to various dis. 5,1 4,7 5,6
Rust tolerance 4,8 4,6 6,1
Xanthomonas tol. 3,2 5,5 5,3

Scale 1-9, where 9 is best except for aftermath heading where 1 is best. 

Dry matter yield  - ton/ha average 1st+2nd year

Source:  Plaquette Fourrage 2011 (GEVES - France).

Source: Plaquette Fourrage 2011 (GEVES - France)
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