Lolium multiflorum

Italian ryegrass

Tetraploid and very productive

Growth characteristics

TURGO establishes well and is a high yielding tetraploid Italian ryegrass. Especially the 1. cut yield is excellent and TURGO has a very rapid regrowth after cutting.

Results from Finnish and Danish trials show the high level of TURGO when it comes to fast development and high drymatter  yield. .

The forage quality in terms of digestibility and sugar content is good, and TURGO thrives very well on most types of soil.

Due to the fast growt, TURGO also does well for intercropping/catch crop.


  • High yielding tetraploid
  • Intermediate heading date
  • Fast regrowth after cut
  • Good as catch crop


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Rust tolerance
Salt tolerance
Spring growth

Dry matter production

Source: Results from Danish trials
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