Lolium multiflorum

Italian ryegrass

Very persistent, productive and with quality (few stems)

Persistency close to a HRG Italian type
The continuum "ryegrass" has no frontiers and ITARZI is located close to the level of Italian type hybrid ryegrass (HRG) in terms of persistency.  This is a plus in terms of choice of use for short or longer duration.

Few stems!
Both  in the sowing year and in the aftermath after each cut, ITARZI produces very few stems.  ITARZI is going for quality!

Rust resistance is excellent!

Excellent total yield
As it should be for an Italian ryegrass, the DM yield is very high right from the spring to ensure a high quantity and quality whether used for:

  • Silage
  • Hay or
  • Grazing
  • Very persistent for an Italian ryegrass
  • Reduced aftermath heading
  • High yield of DM in spring as well as summer/autumn
  • Few stems in sowing year


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Rust tolerance
Salt tolerance
Spring growth

Quality factors and persistency

Source :, France 2012

  Stems in sowing year Aftermath heading Persistency
Average all 4n varieties 1,7 5,5 6,9
Itarzi 1,2 4,5 7,2

 1-9, 9=stemmy, very persistent

Yield distribution


  Yield spring Yield summer/
Yield total
Average all 4n varieties 12,8 3,5 15,2
Itarzi 12,8 3,7 15,3

 Yields are in t/ha dry matter

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