Lolium multiflorum

Italian ryegrass

Top Yield and High Resistance to Diseases

Very Stable and Broad Adapted

DANERGO is a tetraploid italian ryegrass with a top yield of drymatter already from the sowing year, combined with a high resistance to diseases like rust and fusarium. Being tested and listed in a wide range of countries, DANERGO has proved a very good winterhardiness and persistence.

Growth Characteristics

DANERGO has an erect growth with a good resistance to lodging. This is important, as it gives an easy harvest with a minimum of contamination of soil in the silage.

The resistance to rust has been proven in trials both in Europe and in South of America. DANERGO has an excellent resistance to rust and fusarium. Also the resistance to Rhyncosporium and Mildew secure a fresh and healthy forage with a very high palatability.


  • Top yield of drymatter
  • Very good winterhardiness
  • High resistance to rust and fusarium
  • Erect growth


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Rust tolerance
Salt tolerance
Spring growth
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