Lolium x boucheanum

Hybrid ryegrass

Perennial type hybrid

Perennial means persistent
TETRATOP is one of the few true perennial type hybrid ryegrasses available. The variety is characterised by a very good persistency - the optimal choice for combined yield and duration.

Snow mold resistant
The persitency is further ensured by a very good snow mould resistance.

Forage quality
Compared to Italian type hybrid ryegrasses, TETRATOP maintains higher forage quality throughout the season due to less aftermath heading.

TETRATOP is suited for high quality conservation purpose or highly productive grazing compositions.

  • Intermediate heading with the very best persistency
  • Dense sward
  • Good winter hardiness
  • Very good snow mold resistance


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Rust tolerance
Salt tolerance
Spring growth

Very persistent with good ground cover

Source: BSA, Germany

Top performance!

Source: BSA Germany
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