Lolium x boucheanum

Hybrid ryegrass

Intermediate/Italian type

Wide spring window for highest security
With +5 days compared to the 4n standard varieties, SCAPINO keeps a high forage quality for a very long time in the spring.

This "spring window" avoids being overwhelmed and end up with stemmy, poor nutritional forage.

Lodging tolerance
There is an extra security due to the very good lodging tolerance.

Significant yield gain
+7% more drymatter compared to the tetraploid standard varieties is a genetic progress synonymous of profit. With the same production cost, produce more!

  • +7% total annual yield
  • Very wide spring window, intermediate heading
  • Excellent lodging tolerance
  • High disease tolerance


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Rust tolerance
Salt tolerance
Spring growth

DM yield in % of 4n standards

Source: Plaquette fourrages GEVES 2009 (France)

Disease resistance

Source: Plaquette fourrages GEVES (France)
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