Lolium x boucheanum

Hybrid ryegrass

Improved Yield and Disease Resistance

Early Start in Spring
Growth of FORTIMO starts very early in spring and thus taking maximum profit of the growing season to provide high quality forage when really needed after the winter. The 1st cut of FORTIMO, when taken for silage, is very high compared to standard varieties as official trials in France have proved.

Excellent Disease Resistance
FORTIMO has proven exellent resistance to both rust and Xanthomonas, Bacterial Wilt. Rust is one of the most servere diseases in many areas as it causes  low palatability and forage indtace by the cattle. FORTIMO thus secures the very best performance and healthy forage.

Good Drought Tolerance
Hybrids in general show an improved drought tolerance compared to most italian ryegrass varieties, but also compared to most perennial ryegrasses. This is very much the case for FORTIMO. The deep rooting system secures an improved water uptake in dry periods and a production where other ryegrasses cease growth.

  • Early spring growth, intermediate heading
  • Very high yield in 1st cut
  • Excellent resistance to rust
  • Good drought resistance


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Rust tolerance
Salt tolerance
Spring growth


Source: Official trials in France
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